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We are CRAVEunited, a team who is sold out to experiencing the Presence of God in the greatest way possible through excellent worship to our King. This team is made up of passionate worship leaders from churches all around the Enid, OK area who believe God still moves in mighty and supernatural ways today! We are team who is not afraid to dream big for what God has in store for His people through the power of Praise. We also know this most important thing. We can't change people, only God can do that. we just arrange the meeting.



We are so excited to start the new semester and we want to see you there. We can't wait to help build you up not only technically but also spiritually! Registration is only $50 for instruments and vocals and $100 for media so make sure to sign up below


Incase you missed a week or you just want to brush up on your Nashville number system. You can take a look at the resources page


We try to keep the cost as low as possible so that everyone can have the opportunity to come. So if you Enjoy the Crave School of Worship and you want to see it keep going please consider donating today


                    Kinsley Jordan

                Craveunited Director


                     Nick Singleton

          Craveunited Administrator 



School of Worship

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